Includes….Agent Z and the Penguin from Mars (BBC1) Animal SOS (ITV 1) Planet’s Funniest Animals (ITV) Guts and Bolts (History Channel) Blue Peter (BBC1) Top Banana (ITV) Wedding Story (Canada) Off the Menu (USA) Travel Magazine (Canada) Catholic Missions (Canada) Great Outdoors (Australia) Moneyworld (Canada) Mail Call (USA) Mr Romance (USA)


A Little Faith (Greenwich Films)

Audiobook Scores

Includes….Bear Snores On (Simon and Schuster, narrated David Tennant), Dogfish (Simon and Schuster, narrated David Tennant), Tilly’s Pony Tales – books 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Orion, narrated Clare Balding), The Railway Rabbits – books 1 and 2 (Orion, narrated Georgie Adams) Barry, The Fish With Fingers (Simon and Schuster, narrated Rik Mayall), Stinking Rich And Just Plain Stinky (Faber and Faber, narrated David Mitchell), The Complaints (Orion, narrated James MacPherson), The Impossible Dead (Orion, narrated by Peter Forbes), Supermarket Zoo (Simon and Schuster, narrated by David Tennant), Jack And The Flumflum Tree (MacMillan, narrated by David Tennant), The Rhyming Rabbit (MacMillan, narrated by David Tennant), Wolf Won’t Bite! (MacMillan, narrated by David Tennant).


Archie’s Corking Adventure! (Run of performances at Royal College of Music, London, 1999)

Theatre Scores

Lord Of The Flies (staged with full orchestra at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley)

See How They Run, Dotheboys Hall, Forty Years On, Noises Off, The Glass Menagerie, Galileo, Mort.

CD Releases

Medieval Conquest

Dave Benson-Phillips’ Favourite Nursery Rhymes

Bedsit Messiahs: ‘Duck Walk EP’

Iain Carnegie: ‘Rise’

Iain Carnegie and The Melt Quintet: ‘Under The Skyglow’

Iain Carnegie: ‘Silent Ceremony’

Download ‘Rise’ Now:
Iain Carnegie

Examination Pieces

In Two For Three (Xylophone Piece for Guildhall School of Music and Drama)


A Fish of the World (for spoken voice, chorus, and orchestra based on a short story by Monty Python’s Terry Jones)