New Scores for July

During July, Iain will be composing scores for three Bloomsbury titles. These are Little Nelly’s Big Book (Of Knowledge) by […]

Recent Compositions and Commissions

Composition and recording has commenced this month on two new scores for books by Childrens’ Laureate, Julia Donaldson. These are […]

Recent New Score Commissions

Iain has been busy during April on a host of new audiobook scores for Bloomsbury books. These are Herman’s Letter […]

Current Commissions

In recent weeks, Iain has composed scores for a number of Bloomsbury audiobooks. These are Shh! Don’t wake the Royal […]

New Audiobook Score – and more!

Iain is currently composing the score for Kes Gray’s hilarious book, Nuddy Ned, published by Bloomsbury, recorded at Sans Walk […]

New Album in January

Following recording and editing sessions in October and November at Chapel”s End, Iain’s new album, Silent Ceremony, will be released […]