Bugs and Mahoosive Mammoths!

| May 2nd, 2016

During April, Iain has been composing, arranging and performing scores for two new ebook titles to be published by Bloomsbury.

These are First Day At Bug School, written and illustrated by Sam Lloyd and The Famishing Vanishing Mahoosive Mammoth, written by Hollie Hughes and illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson. The reader for both of these titles is Lenny Henry.

I’ll Never Let You Go and A Beginner’s Guide To Bearspotting, both recently scored by Iain, were both released last month.

March Blooms(bury)

| April 1st, 2016

During March, Iain has been composing, performing and recording the score for the audiobook version of Tim Hopgood‘s The Truth According To Arthur. The reader for this title is Lenny Henry and the publisher is Bloomsbury.

New Scores in February

| March 12th, 2016

During February, Iain has composed two new scores for Bloomsbury Children’s Books. These are A Beginner’s Guide To Bear Spotting by author Michelle Robinson with illustrations by David Roberts and I’ll Never Let You Go by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, with illustrations by Alison Brown. The reader for both of these titles is Lenny Henry. More news on publication dates will follow soon.

New Score

| August 11th, 2015

During July, Iain has composed and recorded the score for Santa Baby, written by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and illustrated by Ada Grey.

The publisher is Bloomsbury and the narrator is Lenny Henry.

Iain is also mentioned on legendary guitarist Gordon Giltrap‘s August News page on his website this month!

New Scores

| July 9th, 2015

During June, Iain has been busy composing scores for two new ebooks to be published by Bloomsbury.

These are Snow Bear by Tony Mitton, with illustrations by Alison Brown and Sir Scaly Pants, The Dragon Knight, written and illustrated by John Kelly.

The reader for both titles is Lenny Henry.